District Leaders

Key 3

District Chair Paul Schumacher
District Commissioner Ruth Mundy
Sr. District Executive Wayne Nieman

Commissioner Staff

District Commissioner Ruth Mundy
Asst. District Commissioner Steve Hannah
Asst. District Commissioner Charlie EuBank
Asst. District Commissioner Gary Wyscarver
Asst. District Commissioner Wendy Monds
Unit Commissioner Jim Sluzewski
Unit Commissioner Bob Lee
Unit Commissioner Tammie Menke
Unit Commissioner Jeff Carley
Unit Commissioner Vince Marchetti
Unit Commissioner Jerry Francini
Unit Commissioner Rich Walters
Unit Commissioner Steve Hodges
Unit Commissioner Al Slusser
Cub Roundtable Jericho Johnson
Boy Scout Roundtable Steve Hodges

District Committee

District Chair Paul Schumacher
Vice Chair Open
VP Nominating Rich Malecky
VP Finance Open
FOS Chair Paul Schumacher
Steering Committee Chair Jeff Kline
Family FOS Chairs Don and Val Moffa
Popcorn Chair Andrew Cole
VP Program Rachel Brownridge
Boy Scout Activities Rachel Brownridge
Cub Scout Activities Becky Grimm
2018 Klondike Troop 273
2018 Camporee Troop 152
2018 Pinewood Derby Open
Day Camp John Pearson
Jeff Zimmerman (Program)
Michelle Sheline (Business)
Training Chair Harry Walker
Boy Scout Training Chair Open
Cub Scout Training Chair Jericho Johnson
Advancement Chair Jerry Francini/Dale Hedrick
Advancement Committee Charmaine Schiele
Mark Holcomb
Eric Kaufman
Chrissy Sterling
Membership Chair Jackie McDonnell
Marketing Chair Open
Tiger Chair Open
Webelos to Scout Dale Hedrick
New Unit Chair Open