10 Things Your Unit Should Do to Have a Successful Fall RoundupHave your school night at the school you recruit from.

1. Make this a special evening; not another pack meeting.

2. Attend your School Open House to promote your school night.  Have an information table.  Good time to talk to parents.

3. Set date, time and place by August 3 so your Unit can get the maximum support from the District and Council. Schedule 2 nights during the week for sign-up.

4. Make your school night a Committee function, not just a show in which the Cubmaster does everything.  Get all your adult leadership involved.

5. Have an information sheet & calendar ready to hand out to parents that evening.  Remember first impressions are lasting impressions.  Organization is the key.

6. Recruit your Tiger Cub Den Leader this summer; not the night of the Rally.

7. Have attendance sheets for people to sign in, divide by grades.  Can use later for follow-up.

8. From the Boy Fact Survey, make sure you follow them up with a personal phone call to invite them to visit your next pack meeting.

9. Separate kids and parents sometime during the evening so you can talk to the parents about leadership.

10. Collect money and applications that evening.  Turn in that night or next day